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IRdeo Homepage

IRdeo controls the PC - MP3 - Musicbox

last edit : 17.02.2004

MP3rmote : PC-MP3 Music - box  -  Winamp infrared remote control

Use your infrared remote not only to control the volume of the stereo equipment, but also use the same infrared - on so far not used keys - to control the  PC - Winamp. And in Winamp there is your own playlist without commercial breaks. This is the way I want it!

The MP3-Player Winamp (Freeware, Download: ) is easy to control "remotely" and is perfectly designed for this application. Winamp can also be found on the distribution of Netscape.

To listen to music rather than to a rumbling Windows you need for enjoyable MP3 music a Pentium 100 with 32 MByte main memory. Such a PC manages the translation between digital MP3 and music to the stereo speakers without interruption.

As Hardware you need one of the different IRdeo flavors. Of course the infrared receiver must be populated on the pcb. Download the software MP3rmote.exe and take off:

Bedienpanel MP3rmote, Details ausgeblendet
Possible Extensions: Trained remote control files:

Download  MP3rmote.exe : MP3 Fernsteuer-Software für IRdeo

As infrared interface for MP3rmote you can build IRdeo on your own, or buy IRdeo Remote, resp. IRdeo Dongle, ready to use.

If you have built IRdeo already, or you plan to do so: for MP3rmote you have to add a wire on X3 from rk to tk. And take off!

Tja. If you have the TSL 261 on your PCB, you should exchange it against TSOP 1736 (2,50 DM up to 3,90 DM) and the Zener diode against a ZD 5,1 . One of the best reasons to do so: With TSOP 1736 IRdeo has wider operating range.

If you don't plan to built a complete IRdeo you can also built a infrared only version which fits into a SUB-D connector.

Also a  partly populated pcb works to control Winamp! Details

More ideas welcome!