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IRdeo Homepage

 IRdeo : InfraRed and Video

PC Interface for video editing and infrared pc remote control with learning function.
Remote controls : all common brands
Video player : Sony (Control-L, Sony LANC) or Panasonic (Edit)
Video recorder : per infrared or cable
IRdeo hardware and software are described in the German computer magazine c't
Please try automatic translation, where IRdeo pages are only available in German.

last edit : 09.04.2018

The IRdeo hardware is a little printed circuit board for the serial interface of the PC, which contains three interfaces to connect to SONY control-L, LANC, or Panasonic EDIT connector. The infrared remote control is built with a infrared diode and a infrared receiver. The circuit to drive the video equipment is built with open collector transistors and may also be used to drive other busses, like the ones used in stereo audio equipment e.g. JVC CompuLink, or relays. The interface is powered from the serial interface, so that no external power supply is needed.

The IRdeo software (freeware, Windows 3.1x/9x/Me) is a pc remote control with learning function, includes a makro scripting option, and is a program for linear video editing to control up to three players. The Pascal sources (Delphi) for the interface are also provided, together with several demos.

The Linux software-project LIRC (Linux Infrarot Remote Control) supports the IRdeo hardware.

IRdeo startet as building kit. There are tips and tricks if you plan to build IRdeo on your own. Now you can get IRdeo ready to use + universal remote control in the IRdeo Shop. My favorite application is the remote control of the pc, when I listen to Winamp : the PC as MP3 music box .

The c't project Werbeausblendung surpresses the commercials during video-taping of TV films by use of IRdeo to control the VCR.

You may change settings of newer Sony equipment, specifically the "record" function of DV Cameras, with RM95 emulation and IRdeo.

IRdeo Plus is a software extension of IRdeo and adds non-linear video editing, IR command as WAV file (to inspect as with a scope), some more infrared functionality and is executable under Windows NT/2000/XP (which is not true for the original IRdeo software).

If any questions are left open, do not hesitate to contact me. You may check the already collected questions and answers first : questions and answers, FAQ, Q&A , German : IRdeo - Fragen und Antworten .

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