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IRdeo Remote
February 2003

IRdeo Remote Bidirectional infrared PC interface, e.g. for a PC-learnable remote control (e.g. by using IRdeo ).
  • dimension :  50 x 25 x 90 mm
  • cable-length : ca. 2,00 m ( extendable up to min. 5 m, 10 m also works)
  • DSUB 9  COMx  Connector
  • grey plastic enclosure with filter
  • receive distance up to 10 m
  • best receive angle 10 degrees
  • send distance depending on surrounding light conditions more than 3,50 m
  • weight ca. 150 Gramm
  • controlled by MP3rmote and IRdeo

Theory of operation:
Infrared receiver --> RxD (2), DSR (6)
TxD (3) --> Infrared Sender

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