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IRdeo - questions and answers

last edit: 17.02.2004

Where can I find the schematic for IRdeo ?
The link to the first article is on the IRdeo homepage : it is included there.

Where can I find the schematic for IRdeo Infrared only solution, with learn mode ?
There is no extra schematic for this solution until now. I am still working on the "perfect" schematic. Until then take the complete schematic and leave off some parts as detailed in the link to the pc remote control in the "infrared" navigation bar above.

I know that the camera zoom and exposure can be controlled with control-L. I have a Sony 7000 Digital video camera and don't want to shake it when I need to adjust something while recording. Even though it has "steady shot" and is on a tripod, I don't want to shake it because I will put the video on VideoCD, and shake makes MPEG-1 compression look bad. I don't really need IRdeo for linear editing- I do digital editing on my computer with "firewire IEEE 1394". I am trying to find out if IRdeo can control: focus, white balance, black level, zoom, digital effect, exposure, and any other image features.

From the hardware-interface you can send any command via control-L to Sony equipment. At the moment the software is not written for this. It should not be too complicated. If there are more enquiries in this direction, I might consider to implement it.

Iíve got some problems with Panasonic Camcorder control system via 5-pin control cable. The sio_demo recognizes that the Panasonic Camcorder is connected to the IRdeo but none of the command works except eject which somehow is allocated to play function.

That is true. Everything should work, however, with the IRdeo32.exe program.

The published source of SIO.PAS is somehow out of date. The routines for Panasonic control are not included there. SIO.PAS is under construction, and not republished after every change.

Do the 4052 chips from different manufacturers have all the same functionality ?

I don't know. At least the supplied chips from segor electronics are interchangeable.

I have got the following problem report : The problem was a result of "latch phenomena" which can occur in some implementation of 4052 chips. I've used Toshiba 4052 chips that would not work with IRDEO design. I've replaced with Philips an implementation of 4052 and the problem has been solved immediately.

What do the boxes with messages mean ? Errors ?

After first run, IRdeo needs to make some measurements. The boxes inform the user about this. Also the choice of the relevant COM port is made. If you suspect error messages, start over and use a fresh copy of the program in an empty subdirectory. Should the program not work, please provide me with some information :

If you want to speed up things, do in addition :
  • Click twice to "Info" as quick as possible. You get another menu entry "Bearbeiten/Debug"
  • Click to "Bearbeiten/Debug"
  • Do what causes the problem.
  • Mail me the content of the debug-window (Ascii Text, cut and paste _as text_)

Why is the German translation of Q&A so much longer ?

English and German Q&A are different.

If you suspect, that your question has already been asked in German, try the translation service of Altavista on the German Q&A page. Sometimes hard to understand. But better than nothing. A link to this service is on the IRdeo UK homepage