IEC 61508 Automotive

The application of IEC 61508 in the automotive industry
Ekkehard Pofahl
Ford Research & Advanced Engineering, D
(Summer 2005)

The generic standard IEC 61508 was developed to improve functional safety aspects of all electrical, electronic and programmable electronic safety-related systems (E/E/PES, abbreviated EEPES for the rest of the paper). Unfortunately the lifecycle model of IEC 61508 does not fit for cars. Many individual methods, procedures and requirements of IEC 61508, however, are targeted against generic EEPES equipment and many of them are already used in the automotive industry to guarantee functional safety for cars. These methods are considered to be included and refined in an upcoming automotive standard for functional safety. This derivative of the IEC 61508 will be prepared by the automotive companies, the automotive suppliers and technical service companies (German TUVs).

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26. Oktober 2008